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Duran Pizza Box Top Advertising
with national brands as your delivery vehicle can't be beat for economy and in your face advertising. Place your pizza box ad along side that of Domino's, Pizza Hut or Papa John's Pizza to get maximum exposure for the best price by calling
DuranAds at 866-214-9479

Your pizza box top ad will be delivered on their pizza boxes in the area you choose for about 10 weeks for just pennies per ad. With the savings buy a door hanger campaign that will be delivered where you want - in radius, by zip code or draw us a map... your choice. This will be a kick off for your pizza box toppers program. Call us today for a free media kit that explains exactly how this innovative advertising can work for you.

Duran Pizza Box Top Ads deliver...
Duran Pizza Box Topper Advertising 
Using Pizza Box Topper advertising is the least expensive marketing tool available today as low as
6 cents per ad! 
A great advertising idea, for a great 1-2 marketing punch combine your pizza box topper ads with our
door hanger printing and distribution program.

Using Duran Pizza Box Advertising is a great branding idea because of their low cost and branding opportunity - the average campaign lasts for 10 weeks so you are sure to be seen.  We use our nationally recognized sponsors - Domino's, Papa John's and Pizza Hut as well as select local pizzerias.

Our Duran Door Hanger Campaigns can provide a quick lift in business and make a perfect compliment to our Duran Pizza Box Ads creating a synergy for your overall marketing efforts.  Duran pizza box top ads go out over 10 weeks while the door hangers are usually delivered in a few days giving you an immediate sales boost and long term name recognition.

Duran Pizza Box Topper Ads 
are being used by national ad agencies to provide new non traditional marketing power for their clients. Duran Pizza Box Top Ads are used by  a variety of small and large companies. 
dont get lostWhy not YOUR COMPANY?

Why spend money on direct mail that is put in the "junk" mailbox with all your competitors when you can use our pizza box top ads or door hangers and get them into the clients hands.

The best part is our door hangers are half the cost of direct mail and our pizza box top ads are only 6 to 12 cents printed and delivered into your client's waiting hands not lost in the junk mail if it ever reaches the mailbox.

Pizzas do get delivered for sure... because people are waiting to eat and will call if it isn't at their door right away. Can you say that about your method of delivery for your marketing materials?
 I think not!

Direct mail is usually previewed by one person over the trash can and requires expensive postage even with bulk mail color post cards cost about 60 cents. With our ads costing 1/10th of that, you can have 10 pizza ads compared to 1 post card. Which is better?

Pizza Box ToppertrAds cost very little in comparison
6-12 cents/ad and are hand delivered to waiting people that will see the ad for up to 45 minutes average eating time. Plus they will usually post the ad on the refrigerator to order their next pizza and you get to tag along for up to 2 weeks.


If you own a pizzeria and wish to participate in our programs please call

We are always looking for stores for our clients

FLASH - Email us for free report comparing
Door Hangers vs. Direct Mail

Do door hangers work? Absolutely, when they are delivered, research has shown they will give you 50% better response than direct mail and only cost you half as much.

Do you deliver the door hangers? Yes, most places in the USA

How can I be sure you deliver my door hangers?
We provide proof via GPS reports and photos of your hangers on the doors. We invite you to follow up behind them.

I am tight on money, can I buy the doorhangers from you and distribute them myself? We have a new program that allows us to print your door hangers and then distribute them via a participating hand car wash which saves you almost half the normal costs because they will hang the door hangers on the rear view mirror as the car is cleaned.

Vince Duran will guide you through the process from researching your zip codes to hit your best targets and to determine how many hangers you will need. Plus guarantee to get all your door hangers distributed. We provide full GPS reports via tracking units that  are carried by the door hangers and record their location every 60 seconds. This gives you get a report of exactly where your campaign was distributed and according to your approved maps.
In addition, Vince Duran, will provide photos of your door hangers from the field that show your door hangers on your prospects doors.


Do you print door hangers?
Yes, we print door hangers

Will you deliver our own door hangers?
Yes, yours or ours

Where can you deliver our door hangers?
Most anywhere in the USA

Can we pay with a credit card?
Yes, any major card/PayPal

How long does it take? 1 to 3 weeks
Our timeline 1 wk art, 1 wk print, 1 week ship and delivery

How do we know where to deliver?
Call us to get free demographics from any US zip code.

How do you show proof of delivery?
GPS Reports are made from the trackers,
plus photos of your hangers Ask us for a free media kit.

CALL US TODAY ~ 866-214-9479

DURAN Door Hangers  ~ Distribution Services
We print and deliver 
Door Hangers,  Samples and Flyers Nationwide


5.5" X 17"

Click here for more info and 
to see sample Door Hangers


Duran Door Hangers 

We can print and deliver 
these around your stores for about 1/2 
what you would pay for printing and 
mailing post cards

Why trust that your prospects will find your post card in the junk mail or your phone book ad among all your competitors?

Using DURAN Door Hangers
is not only smart but about half the costs
of a direct mail campaign. With postage rates
at 48+ cents, now is time for 
Duran's Postal Alternatives.
Let us hang around your neighborhood

Get out of the junk mail box and 
be alone on their front door
for better results

Team your door hanger campaign with our pizza box ads and get the best of both worlds - quick results with long lasting branding of your product/service.

Ask for our combo discount pricing!

Don't get burned by a cheaper price for door hanging that end up in the trash. We provide complete proof of delivery including photos from the field and GPS reports in excel format that show where the door hangers were delivered.
All for the best value available anywhere in the US.

Call 866-214-9479
for a free media kit via email.

Here's a Church's Fried Chicken Door Hanger campaign that we delivered in
Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio, Texas

We also do door hanger delivery in:
Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, San Francisco, Bay Area, Sacramento,
 Phoenix, New Mexico, Chicago, New York, New Jersey, California, New Orleans, Louisiana, Atlanta, GA, Miami, Orlando, Florida, Seattle, WA, Portland, Oregon, Washington DC, Baltimore,
Philadelphia, PA

Don't see your area - no problem, let us know where you want us, we deliver most areas of the United States.

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